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Move deals forward with lawyer-quality contract automation.

Charta gets contracts done
93% faster on average.

Convert plain language
negotiation into a lawyer-quality contract in a matter of minutes.

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Save time.

And lots of it. Go from 8hrs per contract to just 30min with true end-to-end automation.

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Skip the redlines.

Negotiate every term directly with the other party in-platform, all in plain language.

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Work your way.

Integrate Charta with any or all of your contracts with custom fields, provisions, and workflows.

There’s a better way to move business forward...

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Fill out a questionnaire and send a client-friendly offer.

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Charta Platform Features

Customizable dashboard views

Data-rich contract analytics

Pre-approved provisions libraries

Protect or unlock content by user

Guided offer creation

Questionnaire-based workflow

Negotiate directly in plain language

Single-click contract generation

Real-time status updates

Lawyer-quality customized contract

Capture, store, and export metadata

Plain language contract summary

Designed for sales teams that use contracts.


A solution for
any agreement.

Contract Generation

Fill out a simple questionnaire centered around your contract terms and download a flawless first draft in minutes.

For high-complexity contracts like merger agreements.

Save hundreds of hours and thousands in fees using any or all of our workflows.

Ready to ramp up
with Charta?

Get a demo and customize a
contract solution with our experts.