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Here at Charta, we believe two people should be able to handle a simple contract between themselves without having to pay a lawyer, suffer through a confusing template, or enter into a vague handshake deal.

So, we decided to do something about it by enabling two people to create and negotiate their offers and sign a platform-generated contract that fits their needs, all in plain English.

We want to turn a frustrating, intimidating process into something that’s seamless and painless. We want to help people get simple contracts done as quickly as possible. And we want to help lawyers focus on being creative problem solvers and advisors instead of getting overwhelmed with simple contracts.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can purchase single contracts without a subscription for $99 per contract. You’ll receive a credit that can be applied towards any contract on the platform.

    • We’re always expanding our offering but here are the contracts that are currently available. These are known as clearance agreements.

      • Featured artist agreement
      • Producer agreement
      • Mixer agreement
      • Mastering agreement
    • If you’re the artist, you need the exclusive right to monetize the song. If you don’t have a written, signed clearance agreement in place, your collaborator (featured artist, producer, mixer and engineer) can do whatever they like with the song. The only obligation the collaborator will have to you is to pay you your share of their profits.

      On the flip side, If you’re the collaborator, you need proof that you worked on the song and that you’re owed money for your services. There are too many sad stories of a handshake deal going bad because there was not a written agreement to prove the deal was made.

      • Absolutely! We can definitely help you streamline how you or your business handle your contracts by offering enterprise licenses that fit your needs.

        Just reach out to our sales team using the contact us form linked here.

        • You’ll still be able to use any credits that you have already purchased and will also still have access to your dashboard which includes any contracts that are still actively being worked on or have already been completed.

          Founder’s Club members that cancel their membership will lose their discounted rate and perks.

          • You’ll need to decide that for yourself. Charta is a self-help resource, and the platform will generate a contract based on the terms that you and your collaborator agree on at an affordable price. Charta is not a law firm, and we will not and cannot provide legal advice.

            If you need legal advice, please hire a licensed and insured lawyer.